Being able to hear the sounds from your detector clearly is crucial in finding the items during your search. While many metal detectors can also pick up gold nuggets, for example, that is not the primary function of their detection capabilities. A high-frequency detector can be used at shallow depths with more accuracy. It’s never a bad idea to purchase a coil protector because even though you might not be putting your coil in water, something like a patch of moist grass can give it a shock.

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The Fisher F75 Metal Detector is a great piece of kit that’s spot-on for relic hunting with its pre-set programs, simple mode choices and fast grab ground mineralization. It’s got pretty much everything you need for successful detecting such as a large coil, adjustable frequency, and easy-to-switch search modes for ‘coins’ or ‘gold’. If you only go out metal detecting on an occasional basis you won’t need to consider longevity and robustness quite as much as someone who uses their detector every day and who would benefit from a device that is designed with durability and solidity in mind. On the other hand, if you plan to do a lot of metal detecting in water, the Macro Pointer could be the best option for you thanks to its superior quality and low price as well as its water resistance to a depth of three feet. Compatible with all of the X Terra coils range this is a very versatile detector that can be upgraded or changed easily. This machine is firmly planted in the mid range price bracket and offers a lot of quality for the money. If you think this could be the machine for you click on the Amazon prices button to see more detail on the detector and find the best price, alternatively you can learn more in our full review. The LCD display makes it very easy to use and all in all a great detector for someone that is new to the hobby and wants to learn a bit more before diving in with a big budget. We are covering a range of detectors in our reviews, going from the budget ranges right up to the high quality professional detectors for the serious treasure hunters! When you are ready to dig the depth indicator shows how far down you need to go. Target ID will provide you with a numerical scale from 0-99. I am newbie and wish to get suggestion regarding metal detector made in China (don’t crucifix me!). Hi, thanks for the great site and the ,many information you share, is very useful and I keep all your suggestions for make the right choice on purchase the right metal detector. Considering that you want something lightweight and that you have the experience with this kind of equipment I would go with Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector because it has a big advantage in the woods and fields. Really new to all this and was hoping for a bit of help – I’m looking for a Metal detector for under £100 and was hoping you could recommend a few if possible to go out and have a bit of fun with my daughter and if we both enjoy it more and more then invest in a better one. These are not waterproof and the dry beach detecting is not that great. Using maximum sensitivity means ALL metal signals will ring out, including minerals and trash. Experienced detectorists have a range of coils and chose one to suit the area they want to search. An elliptical coil works in just the same way, albeit covers less ground in one swing, but it can reach into small, awkward spaces. However, an advanced user may find this inconvenient because he hunts different kinds of soil like wet beach sand and mineralized ground. You can adjust the ground balance manually or automatically to reach the best performance when you’re looking for gold. If you have spent any length of time researching you will have noticed that not all detectors are waterproof and some will struggle on wet sand. Before making any purchasing decision it’s important you consider the environment, terrain and if there is any specific metal you will be hunting regularly. What do you want to find?:  Most beginners just want to find anything, but once you get used to hunting, you may want to specialize in a certain type of metal. Where will I be searching?:  The area you plan to search will be very important in choosing a device. For more information on the best gold detectors in the market and where to find them at the best price click on the button below to read our guide and reviews. Even the best model can miss gold and other precious metals if it sits underneath less expensive metals with louder signals. We know you’re not supposed to use metal detectors inside because other machinery can interfere with readouts, but we grounded each machine and made sure it wasn’t picking up any extraneous metal. In the end, we had 252 metal readout data points and 224 depth data points to work with. Our experts have six years of experience testing metal detectors, so they know you want one that is accurate, lightweight and easy to use.